Industry 4.0: The latest developments in the industry

Industry 4.0

The industry has already undergone many revolutions in recent centuries with the rise of steam, electricity and digitization. In mid-2021, the 4th industrial revolution is in full swing and the production processes and factories will gradually undergo another transformation. Industry 4.0 has made its appearance and in this blog we will tell more about the future, the impact and the changes as a result of industry 4.0.

What is industry 4.0?

The last industrial revolution was characterized by the change of digitization. Computers and smart communication made its appearance and caused major changes in the production process.

Industry 4.0 is the superlative of digitization and will mean the change to ‘smart factories’. Connections and smarter communication between different machines and systems should give direction to these smart factories. Work can be done faster, more efficiently and auromatically. In this new way of working, the physical world will become much more intertwined with digital world and systems and machines will increasingly communicate with each other.

Connection and communication

The combination and communication between different systems and technologies is what makes Industry 4.0 so special. By using the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud and Artificial intelligence (AI), this Industry 4.0 will go further than the previous changes around digitization. The entire process is aimed at enabling computer systems, robots and other systems to communicate and work together. In this way, the production process in organized as efficiently as possible and processes can function more and more independently.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data and AI will have a major role in industry 4.0. There is an enormous amount of data in the industrial environment. On the basis of data, more value can be obtained form business processes and patterns can be discovered that can contribute to optimization. In collaboration with AI, machines and systems can learn form experiences and can thus be trained to perform certain tasks independently.

Industry 4.0 and Cloud

By moving data and software to the cloud, existing data and documentation is centrally stored and managed. In this way, Single Source of Truth is realized and the necessary data is digitally accessible to everyone invloved.

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