Vector Eyes

Vector Eyes provides its customers with a
complete solution in the field
of archive services and engineering
content management. Always and everywhere
up-to-date information, that is
our promise.

Since 1992

Vector Eyes has been providing its services since 1992. Where we started as a scanning service company, more than 30 years later we have grown into a full-service organisation to keep all your technical (online) documents up to date.

There will be very few companies whose procedures, designs, permits, agreements, drawings etc. are not recorded on paper or digitally. Since 2001, we have also been providing archive management services for our clients. Vector Eyes can take care of everything related to your archive. All this takes place from our location in Zwijndrecht or at your location. Thanks to many years of experience with document flows, procedures and standards, Vector Eyes is aware of the correct way of archiving and management.

Therefore we can rightly say that we have qualified employees with years of experience in house. With these specialists we have helped multiple international and local organisations in various sectors and countries with standard and custom software solutions in the last few years. This enables them to get more value out of their data on a daily basis.


Vector Eyes has been a partner of Accruent, the global supplier of software that supports organisations in managing the life cycle of their physical resources, for the past 25 years. More than 10,000 customers in more than 150 countries rely on Accruent to cut costs, extend asset lifecycles, ensure compliance and achieve their business goals.

Eyeonim is specialized in solving information management issues relating to the management and maintenance of buildings, building-related installations, means of production and engineering projects. Vector Eyes collaborates with Eyeonim on a number of large projects, including a joint helpdesk. Customers can come here with all their questions and wishes.

Vector Eyes is your partner in Document Management.


Vision statement

It is our vision to be a partner in archiving services and engineering content management for each party with technical information. The worlds of Asset management, Content management, Document management and Maintenance systems will be linked and / or integrated more and more often in the future.

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