AS-built drawings

AS-built drawings


It is incredibly important for Asset Owners to be able to work safely and accurately. Through (As-Built) drawing work, we ensure that maintenance teams, engineers and other stakeholders can work using the latest versions of technical drawings.

By performing (As-Built) drawing work, we can adjust (technical) drawings and make them up-to-date in accordance with the current situation in the field. In this way, we support many Asset Owners from different industries in updating and maintaining technical drawings and documents. 

Our As-Built draughtsmen support you in:

  • Processing red/ green/ blue sets
  • Re-creation of technical drawings
  • Converting analogue drawings to DWG-files
  • Converting PDF, JPG and Tif etc. to DWG-files
  • Application and delivery in accordance with transmittals

We are the permanent drawing agency for many Asset Owners, but we are also frequently called in for individual drawing projects.

Curious about what Vector Eyes can do for you in terms of As-Built drawing work? Then feel free to contact us for more information or request a no-obligation quote.