Apollo software

Apollo software

Apollo is a web application platform that can be used to facilitate multiple applications (functional requirements) in one central location towards end users. Besides standard applications and capabilities, Apollo also allows us to translate company-specific requirements into solutions. Because the platform itself already contains many proven and reusable components (building blocks), the development of a specific wish is much simpler, more flexible and can be realised in a short time.

Apollo’s great strength is that we can easily combine data from multiple data sources into a single interface. Within this interface, we can also display only the data relevant to the user. In practice, this therefore means a “clean” and simple interface with only relevant data from multiple systems combined that is tailored to the requirements.

Another great strength is that the Apollo building blocks also provide the possibilities to develop separate applications that, while not needing to be linked to other systems, can still offer functionalities required in work processes.

Vector Eyes has developed the following applications:

  • Apollo Data Source Integrator
  • Apollo Transmittal Tool
  • Apollo Key and Assignment tool
  • Apollo Asset Tool
  • Apollo Notification
  • Apollo Import/Export
  • Apollo VIK Cards

Feel free to contact us to assess whether these applications would also add value to your organisation.

Apollo Data Source Integrator

One of the applications on the platform is the ‘Data Source Integrator’ and allows connecting different data sources. An example is the link we can make between the maintenance system (Maintenance Connection, Ultimo, Maximo, Sap etc.) and the Meridian DMS. Apollo makes it possible to read and link all data and documents from both data sources. For example, connections can be made between Assets and documents. In this way, direct access can be provided from both systems to technical documents of a certain Asset or Asset-related information belonging to a document.

Apollo acts as a shell around the data sources, ensuring that the data sources continue to serve the purpose for which it was developed and that Single Source of Truth is guaranteed.