Vector Eyes provides a total package of services to keep your technical (online) documents completely up-to-date and manageable. We manage the whole process. From scanning, to converting and from managing the analogue archive to providing (custom)software, to make your whole archive digitally available. You can count on Vector Eyes as a partner to keep your archive up-to-date!

Since 1992

Vector Eyes provides her services since 1992. We can therefore rightly say that we have qualified employees with years of experience. Our clientele includes many local and international companies, active in various sectors, as well as local and national governments.

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meridian portal

Project managers choose to use Meridian Portal because:

  • Send out work packages online to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Review, comment and approve documents online.
  • Automatic checking of due dates.
  • Single source of truth.
  • Revision management.
  • Instant complete project handover after project completion.

meridian software

Asset Owners choose Meridian software because:

  • Structure the storage and management of documentation.
  • Streamlines the processs of searching and finding.
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Document changes are tracked and managed (revision management).
  • Possibility of linking documents to tag numbers.
  • Insight into compliancy

apollo software

Vector Eyes has developed the following applications:

  • Apollo Key and Assignments tool
  • Apollo Assettool
  • Apollo Notification
  • Apollo Import/Export
  • Apollo VIK maps