Scanning and conversion


Many companies still have a large amount of analogue archives. Through our scanning service, we ensure that analogue documents and archives are converted into an up-to-date and digital archive.

The benefits of our scanning service:

  • Risk reducing: you are no longer dependent on just the analogue documents
  • Digital documents can be accessed from any workstation
  • Search and find process is optimised
  • Square metres become available for other purposes

Through our scanning service, we make (technical) drawings, documents, photos, books, microfilms and other (historical) analogue material digitally available.

We have both normal scanners, book scanners and large-format scanners at our disposal, so any type of document can be scanned by us. An additional feature of our scanning service is text searchability of all digital documents and drawings. This allows a fast, easy and targeted search for the right documents and/or drawings.


Vector Eyes’ conversion service allows all scanned drawings or documents to be converted to any format or type of document.