Engineering Document Management software

Accruent Meridian Engineering Document Management Software:

Engineering Document Management with Accruent Meridian

Store all your documents and drawings in one place with Accruent Meridian Enterprise software. Meridian provides a single source of information, configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with all internal departments and ensures that every document change is updated and monitored to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Manage all mission-critical document types

Meridian offers a comprehensive technical drawing management software solution that allows users to easily store, manage, render and visualize 2D and 3D content from any CAD system. Organizations are able to keep their master data up-to-date while organizing their change processes in isolated work areas using workflows and data validation. They can also provide a complete audit trail for regulatory compliance. Users can manage Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s, scanned images and hybrid files, making Meridian the ultimate repository for consolidating all obsolete and project-related technical information.


  • Manage the exchange of technical documentation with internal and external stakeholders
  • Control changes in engineering data through configurable workflows
  • Link documents to asset tags so users can easily find asset information
  • Maintain the integrity of technical data
  • Ensure effective control and change management
  • Reduce the cost of transfer
  • Break through information silos between departments

Erik Gerrits

Lead Document Controller

It is of great importance to our organization that our engineering data is up-to-date and that it is and is classified according to unique characteristics. This enables us to make current information available at any time via our DMS. With the transition to the Meridian project portal, we will soon be able to view our project documents and status from any location, on different devices. Vector Eyes supports us in these processes in several areas.