Overview of available Meridian modules

Meridian Modules

The Meridian Enterprise software can be modularly expanded with a large variety of extra functionality. Select one of the modules below for more information.

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Meer Meridian Modules:
Meridian Advanced Project Workflow The Meridian Advanced Project Workflow module enables the management of complex projects and fully supports the Management of Change process of Owner/Operators who need to comply with ever tighter regulations.
Meridian Asset Management Module The Meridian Asset Management Module enables Meridian Enterprise users to expand their Engineering Data Management solution into a full Asset Information Management system.
Meridian eMail Manager Within Meridian Enterprise, emails can be sent either manually or automatically with the related documents to the appropriate recipient.
Meridian FDA Module Companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries are continually looking for innovative ways to bring new products to market faster.
Meridian Global Collaboration Framework Plant optimizations and greenfield projects are becoming more and more complex, while highly skilled resources are scarce.
Meridian Explorer With increased globalization and companies expanding their international presence, the need to share engineering data globally throughout the extended enterprise has rapidly increased.
Meridian Portal Meridian Project Portal is a 100% web-based document control solution for complex industrial projects with very large supplier networks.
Meridian Publisher Engineering content is in continuous change. Drawings, data, technical asset information, related files and other documents are created, updated, reviewed, released, revised and archived.