We scan your documents and make your archive available digitally.

Scanning documents

In an office environment there are documents to be scanned as well. Think of reports, binders, deeds, invoices, documents, correspondence, building requests, personnel or patient files and much more. Vector Eyes can scan all these documents. We also take care of various processing activities , such as discarding tabs, post-it stickers, staples, barcodes, or binders and the file-naming, taking documents out of binders and putting them back in, unfolding, just black and white or also colour, PDF or PDF/A, etc.

Scanning old documents

We also have the right equipment for all your material of historical value, or material that cannot be damaged. Before we start scanning your documents, we take care of an assessment. This is how we map out what the archive consists of in general terms. In addition, we will agree on a number of matters, such as transportation, naming and scanning resolution. This is also how the post-processing activities are determined. You can think of clearing, straightening and retouching the documents after scanning. You will receive an offer as a result of the assessment.

Scanning documents in Zwijndrecht or on location?

The work usually takes place in our facility in Zwijndrecht, but if desired we can also scan the documents at your location. This can be related to, for example, the confidentiality of the documents. If you need a document during the scanning process, this document will be scanned with priority and then mailed to you. We can also assist you in importing the documents in your system, so that you get a digital archive. If you do not have this software or if you want to investigate the possibilities of another software package, we could possibly offer you a good solution, as we are a dealer of the BlueCielo suite.

Have your documents scanned by Vector Eyes as well

Interested in having your documents scanned by Vector Eyes? Feel free to contact us without any obligation for an assessment.

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