We scan construction drawings at our location in Zwijndrecht or, if desired, at your location.

Scanning construction drawings

Would you also like to experience the convenience of a digital construction drawing? Then consider having your construction drawings scanned by Vector Eyes. A digital archive containing all your construction drawings will not only save the storage space that an analogue archive requires, digitization offers even more advantages:

  • your employees can easily access the scanned construction drawings from anywhere;
  • scanned construction drawings are easy to share with third parties;
  • depending on the storage conditions, a paper construction drawing yellows and deteriorates after a period of years, while a digital construction drawing does not experience any loss of quality;
  • after scanning the construction drawings, our post-processing even offers improved document quality.

Scanning construction drawings at Vector Eyes in Zwijndrecht or on location

Vector Eyes carries out the digitization work in Zwijndrecht. If required, for example if your construction drawings are not allowed to be moved because of confidentiality, we will scan the construction drawings at your location. We have experience with scanning construction drawings in various industries, including: oil and gas, storage and transhipment, government agencies and various production facilities.

Our method of digitizing and archiving

Before we can begin scanning your analogue construction drawings, we will make an assessment of what the archive of construction drawings consists of in general terms. In this way we will map the exact activities and you will receive an appropriate offer.

In order to provide you with an optimal service, we will discuss a number of issues with each other before the start of the scanning process. Of importance are, for example, the transportation of the construction drawings, the naming for archiving and the scanning resolution.

We will also determine the activities for post-processing. Think of the clearing, straightening and retouching of the construction drawings after scanning. In addition, we provide various customers with an index file of all drawing information so that the construction drawings can easily be included in a system.

Custom scanning at Vector Eyes

Do you want to know what advantages the scanning of construction drawings will offer you? We will gladly tell you more about it. Feel free to contact us for more information  without any obligation or to have an assessment carried out.

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