Vector Eyes can digitize your drawings.

Digitizing drawings

Would you also like to experience the convenience of a digital drawing? Then consider having your drawings digitized by Vector Eyes. A digital archive containing all your construction drawings will not only save the storage space that an analogue archive requires, digitization offers even more advantages:

  • The digital drawings and documents can be used in the current management systems.
  • The aging process is stopped.
  • Square meters of floor space will become available for other activities.
  • The drawings can be requested quickly and from any workstation.
  • The distribution takes place quickly via networks or via e-mail (also externally).
  • The drawings are included in the back-up procedure.
  • It offers you the possibility manage the archive externally.
  • Training courses are already based on digital processing of drawings.
  • The management costs can be reduced because of the efficiency and the effectiveness.

Furthermore, a cost reduction can certainly be realized because the drawings are quickly available and no longer need to be scanned 1 by 1!

Our method of digitizing and archiving

Before we start digitizing your analogue drawings, we would like to make an assessment. This is how we map out what the archive with drawings consists of in general terms. This is important for both parties, given the work and the expected costs. As a result of this assessment you will receive an offer for the digitizing your drawings.

In order to provide you with an optimal service, we discuss a number of issues with each other before the start of the scanning process. Of importance are, for example, the transportation of the drawings, the naming for archiving and the scanning resolution.

In addition, we determine the activities for post-processing. Think of the clearing, straightening and retouching of the drawings after scanning. In addition, we provide various customers with an index file of all drawing information so that the drawings can easily be included in a system.

Vector Eyes has been digitizing drawings since 1992. Are you curious about our method? Contact us for an introductory meeting.

Scanning drawings at Vector Eyes in Zwijndrecht or on location?

Vector Eyes carries out the digitization work in Zwijndrecht. If desired, for example if your drawings are not allowed to be moved in connection with confidentiality, we will digitize the drawings at your location. If you need a drawing during the scanning trajectory, that drawing will be scanned with priority and mailed to you.

Have your drawings digitized by Vector Eyes as well

Do you want to know which advantages digitizing your drawings will offer you? We will gladly tell you more about it. Feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information or an assessment.

Are you Interested or do you want more info? Request a quotation Or call +31 (0)78 629 06 29