We ensure that you can find your documents in your digital archive quickly and easily!

Data Entry / Indexing

Your archive is digital, but now you also want to be able to consult your documents / drawings quickly and easily. For this you can use our Data Entry / Indexing service. During indexing, all relevant characteristics and search keys are retrieved from the digital documents. With these data we will build a database, in which you can search later. The characteristics can be anything, such as drawing number, description or revision date. Of course we will make a thorough assessment to determine the relevant data for you.

Indexing can be done manually. In some cases it is possible to automate the indexing. In these cases, we use different techniques, such as:

Barcode reading

Using barcode stickers, we are able to execute the entire data entry process, almost automatically. Of course there are some conditions attached to this process, about which we will tell you everything in a personal conversation.

OCR text recognition

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, with which texts on a document are recognized. The recognized texts are then recorded in a database for example.

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