Vector Eyes ensures that you have control over your as-built drawings

As-built drawings

Over the past few years, as a provider of archival services, we are increasingly confronted with the question of whether we can also bring and keep a package of drawings “as-built”. Since 2002 we provide the as-built drawings for a wide group of customers.

As-built drawings for these reasons

As-built drawings offers you control over your drawings. This will be important if, for example, you have to comply with fire safety or NEN certification requirements. But, certainly also when you want to have a quick insight into the current drawings in cases of failures or when adjustments are requested. If you have revisions in your as-built drawings, Vector Eyes will process these in accordance with your requirements.

Managing As-built drawings

Vector Eyes provides an effective process in which drawings are managed, adapted and controlled. We deliver appropriate software which will grant you complete insight into your current as-built drawings. In consultation with you, we will determine which requirements the system and the drawings must meet, who has access to which information and to which level of detail the information must be visible and accessible.

Have your as-built drawings managed by Vector Eyes as well

We set very competitive rates and fast delivery times to manage your as-built drawings. For a number of relationships we even arrange for the correct way of checking in and checking out these drawings. Comments are delivered to us in red / green / blue sets.

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