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Conversion is our business, that’s our slogan!

For many years we have been converting files to the most varied formats. Often they are scanned drawings, which we convert to vectors or to a CAD format such as AutoCAD. But they can also be templates that need to be cut out, for example. If you have a conversion question or  looking for a solution, you can always contact our sales department +31 (0)78 629 0 629.

If you have paper drawing(s) or a digital file that you would like to convert to a DWG, DXF or PDF format? You can mail it to:

Are you Interested or do you want more info? Request a quotation Or call +31 (0)78 629 06 29
We convert files for companies who are active in oil & gas among other things More about Oil & Gas
More Conversion service:
Conversion of analogue drawings One of the activities at our service department is converting analogue drawings. By converting we mean vectorising or reconstructing analogue information.
Upload file(s) Do you have a file that needs to be converted? Upload your file here.
As-built drawings Over the past few years, as a provider of archival services, we are increasingly confronted with the question of whether we can also bring and keep a package of drawings as-built.
Conversion to PDF For more and more companies and governments, PDF (portable document format) format is the format in which documents are stored and exchanged.
Text recognition OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the software for recognizing text / characters and converting them to, for example, a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.
Pricing Are you curious about the costs of having your drawing converted to a vector drawing?