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Vector Eyes ensures that an analogue archive will be converted in to an up-to-date digital archive. Through our scan service we ensure that (technical) drawings, documents, photographs, books, microfilms, window punch cards and other (historical) analogue material is made digitally available. Our conversion service makes it possible to convert scanned files into any format. This enables us to deliver all scanned files in various digital formats.

A digital archive contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your company. The outdated process is converted to an up-to-date environment where all digital materials can be retrieved at any time and from any (external) workstation. In addition, the distribution of the analogue archive is taken out of your hands, because the digital materials can be shared and distributed quickly via a secure digital environment.

The advantages of our scanning service

The scanned files can be delivered in various digital formats, including: TIF, JPG and PDF and PDF/A. If desired, we can also take care of the transport of your documents and drawings. Our scanning service ensures that you have digital access to your archive. A digital archive has many advantages:

  • The digital drawings and documents can be used in current management systems.
  • The aging process is stopped
  • Square meters will become available for other activities.
  • The drawings can be retrieved quickly and from any workstation
  • The drawings are included in the backup procedure
  • It offers you the possibility to maintain the archive externally as well.
  • Training is already based on digital processing of drawings
  • The management costs can be reduced due to the efficiency and effectiveness.

In 2012, the water board was looking for a suitable drawing management system. After various investigations, we came to the conclusion that the Meridian drawing management system would best meet the wishes of the water board. We then continued with Vector Eyes in Zwijndrecht. They are good, decisive employees, each in his field. When problems arise, they are always willing to help you immediately where possible. In short, we have experienced a good relationship/cooperation from the start.

Vector Eyes has been providing Scan and Conversion services for a broad group of customers for many years.

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