AS-built drawings

As-built drawings

Safety and being able to work accurately is extremely important. Vector Eyes ensures that maintenance teams and other stakeholders have access to the latest versions of drawings and documentation. That is why it is important that (technical) drawings are up-to-date and available at all times. Vector Eyes takes care of As-Built drawing work in an efficient way in which drawings are managed, adjusted and checked.

As-Built changes can be delivered to us in various ways. For example, in a digital way from the Document Management System or based on analog red/green/blue notes.

Every year, Vector Eyes processes and modifies hundreds of As-built drawings in a variety of disciplines.

Oscar Bos

Operations Director Asset Integrity and Maintenance Optimisation

Thanks to the Meridian portal of Vector Eyes, we have a collaboration platform, which makes it easy for us to switch on an international level. In addition, Vector Eyes is the drawing agency for us in various projects that is the link between our customers and our own service provision.