Get more value out of your data

Vector Eyes

Get more value out of your data” That is our aim and that is what we do everyday. Vector Eyes has been involved in Document Management, conversion and management of analogue and digital (technical) information. We ensure that our customers, wherever in the world, have access to up-to-date data, (technical) drawings and documents.

Years of experience with document flows, procedures and standards make us the specialist for archiving and management of (technical) documents. We provide our services to a wide variety of companies. We are active in the following markets:  Oil & Gas, Chemistry, Storage & Transshipment, Water boards & Government, Manufacturing industry and Building Management.

Turnkey solutions

Vector Eyes provides a total package of services to keep your technical documents up-to-date. We control the entire process. From digitizing, classifying, updating and managing the complete archive to supplying (customised) Document Management software to make and keep your archive digitally available.